All-in-one software for floating wind farm mooring and electrical design

About Stationis

Stationis is a collaborative R&D project, developing an all-in-one software program for floating wind farm mooring and electrical design.

A dynamic 3D view of the wind farm project will be at the center of the user-friendly interface. Through it, the user will be able to:

Design and size the subsea architecture of a floating wind farm.
Select the best electrical and mooring equipment for a given architecture.
Adapt a wind farm layout to optimize the subsea connections performance thanks to technical and economic indicators.

Partners of Stationis

EOLFI Company  ABYSS CAD software creator  CAPSIM company  INNOSEA Company  Ecole centrale de Nantes 

Stationis receives support from

BPI France  Vaucluse Department  Aix en Provence Aera  PACA Aera  Pays de Loire Aera