A floating wind farm design turn-key software

A digital solution to design the anchoring and electrical connections of floating wind farms, optimising the performance and output of subsea connections, developed by a group of expert companies within offshore renewables


Decision support tool

Stationis software helps to design and scale the subsea architecture of a floating wind farm. 

It also makes it easier to choose the best electrical equipment and anchorage for a specific architectural set-up.

Moreover, it improves the design quality of floating wind farms from a technical, cost and risk perspective, it’s a very user-friendly decision-making tool that allows to find the optimal subsea configuration.

It represents a substantial time-saver in the front-end engineering development phase.

Turnkey Software

Combined analysis through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Technical, Economical, Environmental impacts and Reliability/Risks 

Farm Level Analysis

Line clashing, mooring and anchoring, electrical cabling

Fast Decision Process

Fast preliminary analysis and comparison of hundreds of solutions and options


3D and intuitive graphical interface

Overall process

Via a user-friendly interface, the user will be able to :
  • Design and size the subsea architecture of a floating wind farm.
  •  Choose the best electrical and anchor equipment for a given architecture.
  •  Modify the layout of a farm to optimize the performance of subsea connections through economic and technical indicators.

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